Kids are the hero of our story

Our story starts in the kitchen.

The Step Stool Chef is dedicated to building kid leaders through cooking.

So...What makes us different?

Our Kids Teaching Kids Approach

Our products are made for kids, by kids. We make learning to cook fun and approachable for kids.

Our Focus on Kid Independence

We show kids step by step how to cook a meal from start to finish with little to no help.

Our Kid Boss Philosophy

We believe that kids can lead at any age. Here, kids are the chefs and adults are the assistants.

Step Stool Chef Cooking Class for Kids

Learn cooking skills, tips and tools that every kid chef should know! Follow along with Julian as he teaches recipes that kids can make with little to no assistance.
Made by kids, for kids!


Cooking Kits For Kids

Our kits have all the tools and ingredients kids need to make a recipe from start to finish

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Julian Frederick

Julian is a sought-after kid chef, keynote speaker and author who uses cooking as an outlet for creativity and independence as well as to empower kid confidence in the kitchen. As the CEO and Executive Kid Chef, he is responsible for making sure that all our products, cooking lessons, recipes and recommendations are just right for all kids.

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