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Unleash your child's inner chef with our Step Stool Chef Cooking Kits. Let our cooking kits make time in the kitchen the best time for your young chefs!

Make breakfast, an afternoon snack, and dinner with our Step Stool Chef Cooking Kits!

  • DIY COOKING KITS FOR KIDS: Each Step Stool Chef box contains what your little chef needs to create a masterful culinary experience! Our Cooking Kits contain high-quality ingredients, cooking accessories, and instructions for kid-friendly recipes. Our mission is to help share that feeling of pride and accomplishment with other kids when they start cooking independently!

  • EASY TO FOLLOW ALONG: This kid's baking kit has a recipe card with step-by-step photos and easy-to-understand instructions for your children to quickly whip up treats all on their own!

  • FUN AND EDUCATIONAL: Our kids' cooking sets are a great way for children to increase their motor skills, instruction following, and problem-solving skills. Watch as your kids’ confidence and self-esteem rise in the kitchen as they learn an important life skill while picking up new ones along the way! Your little chefs will have fun learning how to cook independently and create their favorite new recipes.


1. Cinnamon Ribbon Bread

  • Pre-Measured Ingredients
  • 2 mini loaf pans and a kid-friendly spatula
  • Recipe Card with Step-by-Step Photos and Instructions.

2. Double Layer Pasta Bake

  • Penne Rigate Pasta
  • Pre-measured, Organic, and All-Natural Ingredients and Herbs to Make our Signature Homemade Sauce
  • Two Mini Casserole Pans and a Mini Melanine Slotted Spoon
  • Recipe Card with Step-by-Step Photos and Instructions

3. Pancake Party Poppers

  • Pre-Measured Ingredients
  • 12 mini heart-shaped silicon baking cups and a piping bag
  • Recipe Card with Step-by-Step Photos and Instructions.


perfect for little chefs

Kids will love this unique culinary experience as they learn how to make this super yummy kid-friendly recipe. All you will need to add eggs, butter and buttermilk...we’ve taken care of the rest!