Make Dinner for Your Family - Step Stool Chef Cooking Course

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The Making Dinner for your Family Course is designed to turn mealtime into a family bonding experience. This course is not just about cooking; it's about creating awesome family memories through the joy of preparing kid-friendly dinner dishes. 

Perfect for:

  • Kids aged 5-15 years old
  • Parents looking to encourage independence and creativity in their children
  • Families seeking fun and educational activities to do together

Get access to cooking lessons including:

Step-by-step cooking video lessons with recipe cards included.

  1. Lasagna Rolls: Roll into the world of comforting flavors with Lasagna Rolls. This recipe not only introduces the art of layering but also adds a personal touch to the family dinner table.

  2. Pesto Pasta: Toss up some fun with Pesto Pasta. This recipe is a delightful exploration of flavors, encouraging kids to take the lead in preparing a pasta dish that's both simple and satisfying.

  3. Salmon with Brown Sugar Glaze: The perfect blend of sweet and savory! This recipe is designed to empower young chefs to create a nutritious and delicious dinner for the whole family.

  4. Pizza Burger Sliders: Combine the best of two worlds with Pizza Burger Sliders. This creative twist on a classic dish is a playful way for kids to contribute to a family dinner that's both fun and flavorful.

Made by kids, for kids!

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perfect for little chefs

Kids will love this unique culinary experience as they learn how to make this super yummy kid-friendly recipe. All you will need to add eggs, butter and buttermilk...we’ve taken care of the rest!