Baking Basics - Step Stool Chef Cooking Course

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The Baking Basics Course is a delightful baking experience crafted to equip young bakers with essential skills and knowledge. This course will teach your kid chefs the art and science behind baking, from accurate measuring to perfecting the essential techniques.

Perfect for:

  • Kids aged 5-15 years old
  • Parents looking to encourage independence and creativity in their children
  • Families seeking fun and educational activities to do together

Get access to cooking lessons including:

Skills Videos:

  1. Measuring: Baking is indeed a science, and precision matters. Kids will learn the fundamentals of accurately measuring dry and wet ingredients for baking recipes. This skill is the key to successful and delicious baked creations.

  2. Kneading, Rolling, and Using a Cookie Cutter: Master the basic skills that transform kids into confident bakers. From kneading dough to using a rolling pin and cookie cutter, this lesson provides the foundation for creating a variety of baked favorites. It's a hands-on journey into the art of baking.

Step-by-step cooking video lessons where you can practice the new skills you learned! (Recipe Cards Included)

  1. Cinnamon Ribbon Bread: Dive into the world of aromatic delights with Cinnamon Ribbon Bread. This recipe not only offers a scrumptious treat but also serves as a gateway to understanding essential baking tasks.

  2. Lemon Baby Bundt Cake with Glaze: Explore the world of baking perfection with the delightful Lemon Baby Bundt Cake. This recipe is a journey into mastering the art of creating moist and flavorful cakes with a sweet glaze finish.

  3. Marshmallow Fondant: Unleash your creativity with the art of fondant-making. Marshmallow Fondant is not just a sweet addition to baked goods; it's a hands-on experience that introduces young bakers to the world of decorating with edible art.

Made by kids, for kids!

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