The Step Stool Chef X Truly Grass Fed & Slow Food USA

The Step Stool Chef X Truly Grass Fed & Slow Food USA

The Step Stool Chef X Truly Grass Fed and Slow Food USA
The Step Stool Chef provides Brand Ambassadorship for Global Food Brand looking to enter US Market

Embarking on an exciting journey with Truly Grass Food and Slow Food USA, The Step Stool Chef was invited to serve as a brand ambassador and create an unforgettable culinary connection with families and kids to celebrate Truly Grass Fed's grand entry into the US market. 

The Opportunity:
Truly Grass Fed and Slow Food USA envisioned a partner who could not only showcase the richness of their sustainably produced butter and cheese but also create genuine connections with families and they found that synergy with The Step Stool Chef. Our mission: to introduce their culinary delights to families and kids in a manner that goes beyond the conventional.

Our Approach:
As a brand ambassador, we participated in a spectacular Celebrity Adult/Kid Cook-Off, featuring none other than our Teen CEO alongside distinguished Food Network Chef and TV Host Jenard Wells. 🌟 This unique cook-off, coupled with TV and social media appearances, became the gateway to connect with families in the US market.

The Impact:
The results were as rich and delightful as the products themselves! Our partnership not only helped celebrate a successful entry into the US market but also positioned this Truly Grass Fed as a go-to choice for families and kids alike.

Why Partner with Us?
✅ Culinary Creativity: Showcase the versatility of your products in delightful and unexpected ways through unique, engaging events.

✅ Multi-Platform Presence: From Celebrity Cook-Offs to TV and social media, ensure your brand is seen and loved by diverse audiences.

✅ Brand Representation: Leverage the credibility of our Teen CEO and our brand to connect authentically with families and kids.

The Result:
A flavorful entry, a warm reception! Truly Grass Fed not only entered the US market with a sweet bang, it also found a meaningful way to inspire connections in family kitchens.

Ready to add a dash of delight to your family food brand? Or spice up your market entry strategy? Let's connect and explore how The Step Stool Chef can be your flavorful ambassador, bringing joy to households worldwide!