The Step Stool Chef X Williams-Sonoma

The Step Stool Chef X Williams-Sonoma

The Step Stool Chef X Williams-Sonoma 

Driving In-Store Traffic with Holiday Pop-Up Shop for kids.

In our latest festive venture, The Step Stool Chef proudly partnered with Williams-Sonoma, Inc., bringing our mission to empower kid leadership and confidence in the kitchen to life. Here's how our Holiday pop-up shops not only sold out Step Stool Chef Cooking Kits for Kids but also drove incremental traffic to the store and contributed to a noble cause.

The Opportunity:
Recognizing the magic of the holiday season, The Step Stool Chef teamed up with Williams-Sonoma, Inc. to set up two spectacular Holiday pop-up shops. Our goal was to drive more kid and family traffic to the store and contribute to a meaningful cause.

Our Approach:
We curated an engaging and festive Holiday pop-up shop shop that included a cooking demonstration showcasing Williams-Sonoma products that not only attracted customers but also drove traffic for our retail company partner. At the pop-up shop, we showcased and sold our Cooking Kits that encouraged kids to explore the joy of cooking. Additionally, a percentage of the proceeds from each sale went to support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, aligning our mission with a meaningful contribution to the community.

The Impact:
Our Holiday pop-up shops had a positive impact. Williams-Sonoma reported an increase in traffic that lead to more sales and customer engagement. Also, the charitable donation to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital added a philanthropic dimension, making the collaboration experience even more meaningful.

Why Partner with Us?

✅ Drive Traffic: Attract customers and create buzz with our engaging Step Stool Chef Cooking Kits.

✅ Engaging Pop-up Experience: Attract customers and engagement to your store with a curated and immersive pop-up shop.

✅ In-store Cooking Demonstrations: Create buzz in your store and take a fresh approach to engaging kids and new markets by leveraging the credibility and perspective of a teen chef!

The Result:
The Step Stool Chef's collaboration with Williams-Sonoma showcased how Holiday pop-up shops can not only drive sales and traffic to our parter shops but also make a positive impact on the community

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