The Step Stool Chef X Mott's

The Step Stool Chef X Mott's

The Step Stool Chef X Mott's
The Step Stool Chef provides Kid Culinary Innovation Support for the Mott's Family Brand of Applesauces, Juices and Snacks

At The Step Stool Chef, we believe in empowering the next generation of culinary innovators. We had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Mott's and partner on a mission to shape the future of kid-friendly products.

The Opportunity:
Mott's recognized the invaluable insights kids bring to the table when it comes to food preferences and engagement. Seeking to create the next generation of products, they turned to The Step Stool Chef for our unique approach to Kid Culinary Innovation.

Our Approach:
We hosted an immersive "Playing with Food Workshop" that went beyond the traditional focus group setting. This workshop provided a dynamic platform for kids to express their thoughts, engage with products, and communicate in their language.

The Impact:
The insights gained were nothing short of extraordinary! Our collaboration opened a gateway to a wealth of innovative ideas, guiding this Family Food Brand towards crafting products that resonate with the authentic tastes and preferences of our young culinary enthusiasts.

Why Partner with Us?
✅ Inspire Innovation: Our workshops foster creativity, encouraging kids to think beyond the ordinary.

✅ Authentic Insights: Gain genuine perspectives directly from the young minds that matter.

✅ Future-Ready Products: Shape your brand's future by aligning with the evolving tastes of tomorrow's consumers.

The Result:
A synergy of culinary creativity and market insights, setting the stage for Mott's to introduce the next big thing in kid-friendly products hitting the market soon!

Ready to shape the future with us? Let's connect and explore how The Step Stool Chef can be your partner in Kid Culinary Innovation!