Three Layer Strawberry Pancakes

Three Layer Strawberry Pancakes

Three Layer Strawberry Pancakes

Welcome Friends!
This recipe for 3-Layer Strawberry Pancakes is the best we have EVER done. I’m confident it will be one of your favorites as well and here’s why:

It’s sounds and looks impressive but super easy to make.
  1. There are so many tricks and tips to make it super-duper fun for kids.
  2. There’s dancing involved!
  3. We had the BEST time making this recipe and if you follow our steps… you will too!

My little chef personally thought of this recipe with kids in mind. He said it sounds fancy but is really easy. The beauty of this recipe for Strawberry Pancakes is that you all you need are simple ingredients you probably already have in your pantry like flour, eggs, baking powder and milk. Or if you like you can use a premade pancake mix.

The first step in the recipe after gathering all of the ingredients is to DICE the strawberries into small bits. 5-6 strawberries should do the trick.

Set the strawberries aside and begin making the pancake mix.

Simply add all of your wet ingredient first like eggs and oil.

And don’t forget the milk.

Next, add the dry ingredients like flour, baking powder, sugar and salt. Then blend the ingredient on low until batter is smooth.

Now it’s time to cook the pancakes. Spray a griddle or frying pan with cooking spray and add a small circle of pancake batter onto the hot pan.

You can use a funnel or measuring cup with a spout to pour the batter into the squeeze bottle. By pouring the batter into a squeeze bottle, adding the pancake batter to the pan is super easy and makes less mess. You can also try using a pancake pen. We found that both works just a good.

My little chef likes to draw a circle then fill it in to create his pancake shape. Kids can try drawing other fun shapes like a star or square. Plus, you can use the bottle to store extra batter in the refrigerator.

While the pancakes were on the griddle, my little chef wanted to add strawberries to the batter. This step is optional as we will be adding more strawberries later but it’s a yummy addition if love strawberries as much as we do.

Here’s the fun part! Kids love to flip pancakes. Make sure to wait until the pancake’s edges are dry and the top of the pancake has bubbles rising up. Keeping the pancakes a small to medium size makes it easier to lift and flip.

Now the pancakes are done, it’s time to make the homemade whipped cream. Actually, you can do this part before you make the pancakes if you like. Either way, we have the absolute most fun way kids can make whipped cream: YOU SHAKE IT….A super fun way kids can make whipped cream!

Just add heavy whipping cream, vanilla extract and sugar in a tightly closed mason jar. Then you shake… shake… shake for a couple of minutes until it’s thick and creamy. You can use the mason jar to store the whipped cream for later.

My little chef had SO MUCH FUN doing this part. He even did a few dances while shaking the whipped cream.

Time to assemble your 3-Layer Strawberry Pancakes. Each layer includes a Pancake – Whipped Cream – Strawberry combination. We did three layers but feel free to stack them as high as you like. Even my little chef was amazed at his creation!

Now can you see why this is one of our new favorite recipes? So fun and so easy…

And SOOOO delicious! Please share your stories and pictures of your little chef making this super yummy recipe for Strawberry Pancakes and let me know if you had just as much fun as we did.