Apple Quesadilla

Apple Quesadilla

We are starting a new Breakfast Kids Can Make On Their Own series and we want you to join us!

Welcome to part 3 of our 3 part series where we are sharing fun, easy ways to get kids cooking their own breakfast. In part 1, we shared a super simple way to make scrambled eggs and in part 2 we shared how easy it is for kids to make their own breakfast smoothies. Now, we have a new yummy addition to the series… Apple Quesadillas.

Most kids wouldn’t think to use fruit to make a quesadilla. But once you try it… you will love it! Plus, it a fun way to add fruit to breakfast.

PART 3: How to Make Apple Quesadillas

To make apple quesadillas, you need a few simple ingredients: Tortillas, Cream Cheese, Cinnamon, Brown Sugar and Sliced Apples. The great thing about this recipe is that it has ingredients that you probably have in your refrigerator or pantry… and who doesn’t love a recipe that you don’t have to go shopping for.

There are really four super easy steps to make this recipe…

Step 1:
Take two tortillas and spread cream cheese on one side of each slice.

Step 2:
Add sliced apples over the cream cheese then sprinkle brown sugar and cinnamon over the apples. Your little chef can add as much or as little cinnamon and brown sugar as their taste buds prefer.

Step 3:
Cover with the other slice of tortilla and place it to a non-stick frying pan and cook over medium heat on each side for about 5 minutes.

Remember to spray your frying pan with non-stick spray. Sprinkle one side with a bit more cinnamon and brown sugar. Remember to be careful!

Gently flip and sprinkle the other side as well.

Step 4:
Cut and enjoy…. once the quesadilla is crispy on both sides it’s ready to eat. You can use a simple kitchen knife or even a pizza cutter as a fun alternative.

Here’s a fun video showing you just how easy this recipe is for little chefs to make on their own.