3 Ways Kids Can Cut Food without Using a Knife

3 Ways Kids Can Cut Food without Using a Knife

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So…You love the idea of your kids cooking but there’s something about using a knife that makes you a bit uncomfortable?

Although I am a fan of teaching kids proper knife skills, it’s fun to find new ways to involve your kids in the kitchen that makes everyone feel safe. My job is to help you find ways to make cooking easy and fun for your little chefs so that it’s enjoyable for you and empowering for them. I believe that cooking is a great way to build kid confidence, leadership and independence.

Here are Three Easy Ways Kids Can Cut Food Without Using a Knife

1) Pizza Cutter
Cutting without a Knife: Pizza Cutter

Pizza cutters aren’t just for pizza anymore. Pizza cutter blades aren’t typical that sharp plus the rolling effect feels is a lot more fun to kid chefs than just using a knife. In this Sausage Bites recipe, we used a pizza cutter when cutting the dough. Not only is it good for cutting soft foods like doughs & breads, but did you know that your little chefs can use a pizza cutter to cut veggies instead of using a knife? Try long, firm veggies like celery or carrots.

Pizza Cutters to Try:


2) Kitchen Shears or Scissors

Most kids learn how to cut in pre-school and I don’t know any kid that doesn’t love cutting things with scissors. Think how fun it will be for your little chefs to use scissors while cooking. To make our on-the-go Breakfast in a Jar, we used kitchen shears to easily cut the breakfast sausage. Instead of a knife, try using kitchen shears to cut herbs, leafy vegetables and other simple meats.

Kitchen Shears to Try:


3) Hand Chopper

With a fun & simple pushing motion, you little chefs can cut herbs, fruit, garlic and more. With the help of a hand chopper make a healthy & delicious fruit or veggie salad.

Hand Choppers to Try:


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