Around the World Global Cooking Classes

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Global Cooking Classes Taught by Global Kid Chefs

Kid chefs will get a glimpse of the world through food and learn how to make 7 fun international dishes from different continents around the worlds. Practice new skills and try new foods taught by our global team of kid chefs as they share recipes that represent their cultures and countries. 

Perfect for new kid chefs just getting started to more experienced kid chefs eager to learn new recipes. 

Get access to global cooking lessons including:

  • NORTH AMERICA: Caribbean Tropical Ice Cream, Taught by 11-year-old Chef Ayo
  • SOUTH AMERICA: Brazilian Cheese Bread "Pao De Queijo", Taught by 8-year-old Chef Jasmine
  • EUROPE: Lithuanian Dumplings "Koldunai", Taught by 9-year-old Chef Emmett
  • ASIA: Japanese Rice Dumplings "Mitarashi Dango", Taught by 12-year-old Chef Kiara
  • AFRICA: Cameroonian Jollof Rice with Shrimp,  Taught by 13-year-old Chef Julian 
  • AUSTRALIA/OCEANIA: New Zealand Dessert "Pavlova", Taught by 12-year-old Chef Kiara
  • ASIAN FUSION: BBQ Sushi, Taught by 6-year-old Chef Mina

Note: Vegan/Vegetarian recommendations provided as necessary

  1. SEVEN ON-DEMAND VIDEO LESSONS with step-by-step instructions shared by our kid chef teachers
  2. SHOPPING LIST with Amazon links for hard to find ingredients to be delivered right to your door
  3. RECIPE CARD for each recipe

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perfect for little chefs

Kids will love this unique culinary experience as they learn how to make this super yummy kid-friendly recipe. All you will need to add eggs, butter and buttermilk...we’ve taken care of the rest!